Kofago Dance Ensemble

Kofago Dance Ensemble stands at the nexus of dance ritual and community healing through the performing arts.

What is Dance Ritual?

Kofago Dance Ensemble’s choreography is based in ritual/sacred healing arts.

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Kofago Dance Ensemble exists at the nexus of African dance traditions and the Black experience in America.  Our work is focused on healing and ritual through the performing arts.

About Us

Kofago Dance Ensemble began as a Social Justice Project back in 2015.  After being defunct for three years, the founder and Artistic Director Kevin McEwen realized it was time to bring back his initial creation, with a new twist to it.

Artistic Director

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Kevin has always had a love for dancing and culture that reaches back to the early 90s.  As a student in high school and in college, dance was always something that was healing as well as a creative outlet.

The Company

We are nothing without our dedicated group of artists and apprentice dancers who are committed to their own growth through the arts and the work we put together. They all represent a diverse set of skills and experiences that add to our overall story.