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Imani Ayana

Imani Ayanna is an Afro-Guyanese Woman who was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens NY. She posses a deep passion for healing with the desire to uplift and inspire community through empowerment, encouragement of self-expression, spirituality, various forms of art and movement, as well as a deep connection and appreciation for the earth.

Imani Ayanna first developed a deep love for dance at the age 5. She has trained at Bernice Johnson, Creative Outlet and Genesis dance schools. Imani Ayanna has also had the privilege of joining CarNYval Dancers And Harambee Dance Company where she has performed at various weddings, parties, festivals, award shows, museums, and parades, as well as on stage with many Soca and Afrobeat Artists. She is well versed in African, Afrobeat, Soca, Dancehall, Modern and Ballet dance styles.

Imani Ayanna loves dance and believes it to be very beautiful, healing and uplifting, which is why she continues to dance and share that passion with others.
Imani Ayanna

Mercy Baez

Mercy is a woman’s advocate for domestic violence and through her artistry of performing and being a motivational speaker, she tells her stories of woman empowerment and survival. She is known to be a freestyle dancer of lyrical contemporary, Flexn’ and contortion. She also is an actress and spoken word artist.

She created her own woman empowerment movement “The Rebirth of a Woman” to provide different platforms to women to raise awareness on different topics and educate on traumas. She has been able to bring her movement to Rikers Island, over 20 different school systems and universities, & different media platforms like Pix11, The Apollo, World of Dance LA 2016, etc.

Today she stands for spreading more love & being the voice for the voiceless.

Annelise Berthelot

Anne-Lise began her professional training in 2009 at the Rick Odums Institue in Paris, France, where she studied ballet, jazz, Graham and Horton for 4 years. She became part of the Rick Odums Jeune Ballet Jazz in 2011 and toured all over the country for La Saga du Jazz Tour. That same year she also started to dance with the Hip Hop / Caribbean dance Company, LB Crew, with whom she appeared on several TV shows, Fashion shows and Artists videos.

In 2013, while working with Jose De La Cruz, she decided to leave Paris for New York, where she enrolled the Independent Study Program at the Alvin Ailey School.

Since then, she danced for Matthew Rushing, Cedan dance Company and was a teacher assistant and dancer for Eddie Stockton.
She is currently dancing with Nyane Khosi Dance Theatre, Kofago Dance Ensemble , and is a (teacher assistant) and dancer for Harambee Dance Company.

Arianna Frankin

From the age of 4 years old, Arianna taught herself dance. “I would watch people on the internet and turn there movement into my own creation.” At the age of 13 Arianna started dancing with Lakai Worell and his group Pure Elements, as well as a dance ministry called MAAFA.

Dancing has always been Arianna’s passion. It is her way of escaping all forms of negativity keeps her mind, body and soul occupied. “It is a healing cleanse that prepares me for anything the world has to throw at me.”

Ashaki Sealy Frederick

Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, Ashaki’s love for dance began when she was 12 years old. As a pre-teen Ashaki began competing in dancehall, break dance competitions.

While performing on stage or on the battle grounds, Ashaki engaged with the audience to “hype” them up. This is how she developed her stage name “Hype.” “Dancing has allowed me to work alongside some amazing artist, such as Mighty Sparrow (Calypso Artist), Mr.Killa (Soca Artist), Ricky T (Saint Lucian Artist) and Ding Dong (Dancehall Artist).”

Ashaki joined Kofago looking to widen her dance horizons by studying under Kofago’s founder, Kevin McEwen.

Ashley Granger

A native of Brooklyn New York, Ashley grew up in a Caribbean/Latino home surrounded by dance, music and singing. She considers herself a “Born Creative”  because of her culturally rich background.

Ashley was a fluent ballet dancer for six years before tragically breaking her leg.  The physical and emotional trauma she experienced throughout that time period serves as a foundation for her creative expression. “My soul has always yearned to express life’s experiences through my natural born talents.”

Ashley’s goal is to be a singer and professional dancer. She is also working to become an advocate for rape, suicidal and domestic violence victims. “I want to touch hearts and souls with my talents to let them know it is okay to have battle scars, that you got through it and now you are stronger.”

Chelcie Jacobs

Chelcie started dancing at the age of 6 at Perfection Dance Studio in Baldwin New York. Chelcie also attended the Gloria Eve School of the Performing arts in Hempstead NY, throughout high school years. She is a graduate of the Long Island high school of the Arts. After finishing high school, Chelcie  went to Virginia State University where she minored in dance for three years. Chelcie transferred to Old Dominion University where she received her BFA in dance.

During the summer of 2018, Chelcie was a member of the Sesame Carnival Legacy Vision 150 Dance Project, where she met Kevin, who was one of the Artistic Directors for the project. Kevin then invited her to be a member of the Kofago Dance Ensemble.

Kayla Mone’t

Kayla Mone’t Jones is a native of Richmond, Virginia. She has studied at City Dance Theatre, J’Adore Dance Studio, Richmond Ballet, Broadway Dance Center, and Appomattox Regional Governor’s School of the Arts for her pre-professional training.  Kayla is a well-known choreographer and dancer in the Richmond Metro Area who loves to perform and teach to her community. During Kayla’s junior year of highschool, she was drafted by the Joffrey Ballet Company in New York City. It was one of the biggest and most exciting times of her life. In New York, she trained with worldwide and well known choreographers from all over the country , believing it has been one of the most humbling experiences of her life. Kayla currently attends American Musical and Dramatic Academy College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts studying dance/choreography, theatre, acting,  and vocal techniques where she will be graduating February 2, 2019. She is currently auditioning for TV/film roles and numerous broadway productions. She continues to aspire and pursue her art in dance thanks to the support of her family and Richmond community.

Halima King

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